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      Why Join USPACE Parking Sharing?

      It's easy for you to realize your dream of chartering

      Optimizing Idle Parking Spaces

      Have you ever considered optimizing the use of your parking space? During your work hours or when you’re away on a trip, opening up your vacant parking spot for others in need can effortlessly boost your additional income! With remote monitoring through IoT devices, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor parking space, you can easily manage and reduce unauthorized occupancy. Additionally, our smart parking management system allows you to set sharing time slots and rates, ensuring nearby users find your shared parking spot quickly. So, why not turn your idle parking space into a win-win opportunity?

      Remote Monitoring for IoT

      Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor parking space, we have corresponding equipment that allows you to remotely control and efficiently manage your parking spot through an app. It also helps reduce unauthorized occupancy, such as illegal parking.

      With our IoT-enabled solution, you can monitor your parking space from a distance, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing disruptions. Simply use the app to open or close your parking spot during work hours or when you’re away. It’s a convenient way to maximize your parking resource and contribute to a smoother parking experience for everyone!”

      Smart Parking Management

      With ULOCK, you can easily set sharing time slots and rates via your mobile phone. This allows nearby users to quickly find your shared parking spot.

      Which lands are suitable for cooperation with us?

      For fragmented spaces and time, let us assist you in managing them.

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      Community Office Building / Flat Underground Parking Spaces

      Additionally, visitor parking spaces in both the building and community can be opened for shared use with the approval of the management committee. This allows nearby individuals in need to pay for parking as well

      Ground Floor Shop/Resident

      Whether it’s a shop or a resident’s private parking space, when it’s not in use, you can open it up for shared use. Additionally, using ground locks can effectively reduce issues related to occupancy

      Monthly Rental of Self-Use Parking Spaces

      Whether it’s at home or near your workplace, during idle periods when you’re not using the parking space, consider opening it up for shared use. This way, people in need can also utilize it, and you might even earn some extra pocket money!

      Vacant Land

      When entrusted to us, we can transform it into a shining shared parking space after proper organization

      Building Designated Site

      When groundbreaking is still pending and you’re waiting… and waiting… why not fill this vacant space with shared parking spaces

      odd or fractional piece of land

      No matter how unique it looks, if it can accommodate a parked car, it’s a good shared parking space.

      Joining process

      4 Steps: Easily Complete Setup and Begin Increasing Income.

      • 1
        Fill the form

        Provide your contact information and parking-related details.

      • 2
        Personal Contact

        We collect parking information based on your address and then get in touch with you to discuss equipment installation.

      • 3
        Equipment is installed on-site

        It is coordinated with the work crew for equipment installation, and connection strength testing is performed upon completion.

      • 4
        Start earning money

        Set hourly rates and enable sharing to begin making money!


      Still have unanswered questions? Please contact us, and a dedicated representative will assist you.

      “Can I apply to share my parking space?”

      We currently collaborate with various types of parking spaces, including outdoor flat spaces, fenced spaces, license plate recognition spaces, and roller door spaces. Please visit our official website and leave your contact information. Our specialists will get in touch with you to explain the collaboration process.

      “Can I set the sharing schedule myself?”

      Yes, both whether to share and the sharing time slots are determined by the parking space owner.

      “Can I allow family and friends to park for free?”

      Currently, one parking space can have up to two family members as shared users. For two spaces, you can add up to four family members, and so on. Designating them as family shared members allows them to use the space for free.

      “Can communities join the sharing program?”

      Absolutely! However, apart from obtaining approval from the management committee, we also evaluate the safety of the community. Factors include single-entry gate control, security guards, surveillance cameras, and floor-level access permissions. If you’d like community residents to better understand how shared parking works, our USPACE service representatives can arrange on-site explanations.

      “How do I receive shared earnings?”

      Once you open your space for sharing and generate income, we’ll transfer your earnings to your designated account on the 20th of each month (please ensure proper real-name authentication).

      “What if a guest exceeds the allotted time?”

      We’ll remind guests one hour before the sharing time ends. If they can’t move their vehicle on time, we’ll charge them at triple the rate. Repeated violations may result in account suspension.


      From individual to shared parking spaces, every little detail.

      Collaborative Parking Space Showcase

      Regardless of the size or condition of the vacant land, we will strive to transform it into a quality parking space.